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Rotary Atomizing Electrostatic Automatic Coating Gun Espo Turbo II ESA88


Espo Turbo II


  • Steel furniture
  • Wooden furniture
  • Electric appliances
  • Automobile parts
  • Sports goods


High-grade finish
Its atomizing cap and air nozzle provide a steady particle-distributed spray pattern,
for high-grade atomization, even with high-viscosity paint.
Eco-friendly design
Compatible with water-based paint, enabling improvements to be made in the coating booth and peripheral environment.
Easy to use
Light-weight, compact design makes reciprocator attachment and maintenance easy.
High level of safety
This coating gun contains a high-voltage generator, enabling safe automatic electrostatic coating.
Helps you spend less
Remarkable penetration and wraparound ability provides a high rate of paint transfer,
contributing to a reduction in paint consumption and improvements in productivity.


Product name
Espo Turbo II
Model ESA88
Max. fluid pressure 1.0MPa
Max. air pressure 0.7MPa
Max. applied voltage DC-90kV
Dimensions (L x W x H) 571×120×205mm
Mass 4,600g
Air Nozzle Set

Select from AC500A, AC600A, AC700A(sold separately)

* Set includes air nozzle and cap.

No. of rotations 35,000 rpm or less
Max. air consumption 400L/min(ANR)
Max. shaping air consumption (Refer to air nozzle set specifications)
Electrostatic Controller BPS290(sold separately)
For solvent paint
For reciprocator / fixed gun
Ball bearing turbine specs

Note) Make sure to purchase air nozzle set and electrostatic controller separately.

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