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2014 Factory Report List

Factory Report No. 345
No. 345

December 2014

"Centrifugal Pump Liquid Coating with Coating Robot"
Kyushu Torishima Co., Ltd.
Coated Object Keywords Pump
Equipment Air Electrostatic Automatic Gun(EAB90),Robot(AF),Paint Supply Pump(PD40),Color Change Valve(CCV5)
Paint Used Solvent paint

This manufacturer specializes in high-tech pumps for various lifeline facilities, with activities ranging from manufacturing and sales to after-sales service. They implemented a robotic coating system and turntable to further stabilize coating quality and improve production efficiency. Uniformity, fluidity, and luster through this system led to improvements in paint film quality and a decrease in paint usage, ultimately reducing costs.

Factory Report No. 344
No. 344

October 2014

"Robotic Coating of Air Tools"
Coated Object Keywords Air tool,hydraulic breaker,air hoist
Equipment Air Electrostatic Automatic Gun (EAB90), Paint Supply Pump(Gear Pump)
Paint Used Solvent paint

This company manufactures air tools for use in civil engineering, construction, and industrial fields, using aluminum and steel for casting. Since their products have complex shapes, they implemented a robotic coating system to improve paint film quality and productivity. This system fulfilled its intended purpose, and also improved the surrounding environment.

Factory Report No. 342
No. 342

July 2014

"Coating of Al-Mg Products"
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.,Die-casting Division, Nirasaki Plant
Coated Object Keywords Digital camera components,video camera components,traffic signal components,vehicle parts,motorcycle parts,zinc die-casting,aluminum die-casting,magnesium die-casting
Equipment Air Electrostatic Automatic Gun (EAB90), Robot(AF23), Paint Supply Pump(Gear Pump,Syringe Pump)
Paint Used Solvent paint

Mitsui Mining & Smelting handles a diverse range of materials such as aluminum and magnesium, specializing in the integrated production of die-cast components for products such as digital cameras and traffic signals. By upgrading to new coating robots, they no longer require correction coating for their traffic signals, securing a high level of productivity. This also contributes significantly to the beautiful, improved coating of single lens reflex cameras, known for their complex shapes.

Factory Report No. 341
No. 341

June 2014

"Electrostatic Coating of Aluminum Building Materials"
Orient Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Coated Object Keywords Aluminum building materials,louvers,metal building products
Equipment Air Electrostatic Automatic Gun (EAB90), Control Unit(SUNAC2400), Paint Supply Pump(PD40)
Paint Used Solvent paint

Orient Kogyo specializes in coating tasks such as aluminum chromating. With an increase in demand for louver materials, the company decided to implement a new coating system to achieve simultaneous double-sided coating and improve throwing power. The new system is effective on multiple levels, due in part to their adoption of cycle-type, bake drying equipment which has greatly improved thermal efficiency.

Factory Report No. 340
No. 340

April 2014

"Electrostatic Coating of Automobile Parts"
Western Coating Co., Ltd.
Coated Object Keywords Office equipment parts,home appliances,automobile parts,metal products
Equipment Rotary Electrostatic Automatic Gun (ESA120), Control Unit(SUNAC4000), Paint Supply Pump(PD40)
Paint Used Solvent paint

This company specializes in coating a diverse range of products, such as office automation parts, home appliances, and products containing magnesium and aluminum materials. Implementing a rotating atomization electrostatic automatic coating gun system has provided remarkable coating efficiency and reduced total paint consumption. High-grade atomization also provides high-quality film coating, and a special hose design reduces paint waste and thinner usage.

Factory Report No. 339
No. 339

March 2014

"Robotic Coating of Transformers"
Hokuriku Electric Co., Ltd.
Coated Object Keywords Transformers, protective control devices
Equipment Air Wrap Automatic Gun (AGA), Air Spray Automatic Gun(AGB21)
Paint Used Solvent paint

This heavy electrical equipment manufacturer specializes in the manufacture and sale of various electronic goods such as pole transformers and instrument transformers. Its two newly-introduced coating robots are equipped with an air wrap automatic gun and an air spray automatic gun. A mixed coating system that utilizes the features of both guns enables the company to significantly decrease the amount of paint used, while also improving coating efficiency.

Factory Report No. 338
No. 338

January 2014

"Liquid/Powder Coating of Heater Stoves"
Tsuchiya Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Coated Object Keywords Agricultural machinery, heater stoves
Equipment Air Electrostatic Automatic Gun(EAB200), Control Unit(SUNAC1000),Powder Automatic Gun (X-3a)
Paint Used Solvent paint,powder paint

This company manufactures agricultural machinery and heater stoves. It has introduced two types of coating lines: liquid electrostatic and powder coating. By operating both lines simultaneously, they have created an innovative system that efficiently meets coating demands, while also contributing to better coating quality and productivity.

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