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Coating Equipment & Engineering Division

Customer support that is always there for you,

Even after delivery, we offer machine and system operation support and maintenance, and even training programs.

Maintenance inspection and retrofitting services

Maintenance inspection and retrofitting services

Service Ace Co., Ltd.

Service Ace provides engineering services for maintenance, overhauling and retrofitting, for both hardware and software to make our customers always satisfied with our coating FA systems and machines.

Forging Machinery & Tooling Division

We assure you of our consistent engineering service system in order for you to use our products for a long term.

Our well-developed engineering service system offers customer support, so your machine is always running perfectly. The newest technology with the latest equipment and our specialized service technology are always available and we will provide continuous support to your production site.

Engineering services

A.O. Co., Ltd.

We provide maintenance services on the specifications for our specialized factories for all forging machine users operating domestically and throughout the world. We have a variety of service solutions available to benefit our customers, including maintenance, inspection and diagnostic checks. These solutions can optimize your equipment so it is always in the best condition.
Depending on your request and needs, we can also combine internal training programs (operation and maintenance training) to provide even stronger on-site customer support.

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