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Under the concept of ”Ec'Coater”

"Ec'Coater" is a word we created that combines the concepts of ecology and a coater. This original concept came from our attitude basing the environment first in our business. Under the "Ec'Coater", we are making efforts to develop high-value added coating machines and systems that contribute to our customers' businesses from both managerial and technical points of view.

Coating Equipment

Refer to our Coating Equipment & Engineering Division site for more information on our coating equipment.

Coating Technology Center (CTC)

In 1979, we took the leading role in the industry by establishing the Coating Technology Center (CTC), which combined our laboratory facilities for coating technologies, technology development function and technology information system. The CTC has the most advanced coating machines and systems to support all eco-friendly paints including powder paint, water-based paint and two-component paint. There is also equipment that reproduces a coating environment (for temperature, and humidity) that makes it easier for the customer. Here we are able to propose optimum systems for customers that are based on thorough research, experiment and software development.

Examples at Customer's site

  • ・Wheels
  • ・Automobile panels
  • ・Cellular phones
  • ・LCD panels, etc.
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