Discontinued Products

The Production of HB-X2 was discontinued at the end of October, 2012.
Meanwhile, we have prepared to release the HB-X3 series as a successor model.

Air Electrostatic Hand Gun: HB-X2

The Production was discontinued in October, 2012.






  • A high rate of paint transfer
    The "grounding ring" system causes space-charge density to increase near electrodes, increasing the charge quantity of paint particles, which in turn increases the rate of paint transfer by about 34% when compared to air spray coating guns. This gun offers a rate of paint transfer equal to our conventional electrostatic coating guns (60kV specs).
  • Improved work environment
    The effect of an electric line of force generated between charge electrodes and grounding ring greatly reduces the amount of paint mist spattered, contributing to a comfortable work environment for the user.
  • Excellent control
    The most compact, light-weight design the world has to offer provides remarkable handling, reducing fatigue during long periods of use.The length of the gun tip has been shortened, enabling you to easily coat the inside of ducts, or other concave-convex shaped targets.
  • High level of safety
    Offers lower voltage than the average air electrostatic manual coating gun, ensuring the user a higher level of safety.
  • Excellent maintenance factor
    The grounding ring can be attached/detached from the tip of the gun, making it easy to clean.




Max. fluid pressure 0.62MPa
Max. air pressure 0.62MPa
Highest applied voltage DC-30kV
Dimensions (L x W x H) Total length 163mm
Mass 508g

Nozzle set

Select from 60, 70, 71, or 40. (sold separately)

* Set includes nozzle and air cap.

Fluid outlet diameter IN G1/4
Air hatch IN G1/4
Electrostatic Controller BPS120, BPS1600 (別売)


For solvent solid/clear paint For solvent metallic paint
Included accessories
Earth ring 1
Connection cable 10m

Note) Make sure to purchase nozzle set and electrostatic controller separately.

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