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Air Electrostatic Hand Gun: HB-X3 Series






  • High rate of paint transfer
    The "grounding ring" system causes space-charge density to increase near electrodes, increasing the charge quantity of paint particles, which in turn increases the rate of paint transfer by about 40% when compared to air spray coating guns, and reduces paint usage by about 20% compared to our previous model.
    * Differs according to coating conditions.
  • Improved work environment
    The effect of an electric line of force generated between charge electrodes and grounding ring greatly reduces the amount of paint mist spattered, contributing to a comfortable work environment for the user.
  • Remarkable handling
    The most compact, light-weight design the world has to offer (180 mm length) provides remarkable handling, reducing fatigue during long periods of use. This design also enables the user to easily coat concave-convex shaped targets, or in deep crevices.
  • High level of safety
    Compared to the typical air electrostatic manual coating gun, it features low-voltage specs, and has an embedded HV potential indicator enabling users to easily keep track of electrostatic applications during coating jobs.
  • Easy maintenance
    The main parts are specially assembled to reduce the total number of parts needed, and can easily be replaced using basic tools.


Model HB-X3S HB-X3M
Max. fluid pressure 0.6MPa
Max. air pressure 0.6MPa
Highest applied voltage DC-30kV
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180×60×230mm
Mass 560g (Included nozzle, air cap)

Air cap

Select from HN400, HN600, HN800. (sold separately)

Fluid outlet diameter IN G1/4
Air hatch IN G1/4
Electrostatic Controller BPS130, BPS1600 (別売)


For solvent solid/clear paint For solvent metallic paint
Included accessories Earth ring 1

Note) Air cap and electrostatic controller are sold separately.

Customers using the BPS120 can use it as is by purchasing a connection cable sold separately.

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