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Delivery Examples

Factory Reports

Delivery examples of our products are provided as "Factory Reports" in our monthly "Coating Technology" periodicals (published by RIKO Publishing Corporation).

Most recent factory report

Factory Report No. 394
No. 394

November 2019

"Automatic electrostatic coating of Metal Product" new
Fujii Co., Ltd Bessyo Factory
Coated Object Keywords Industrial Machinery, Metal product
Equipment Automatic Electrostatic Air Spray Gun(EAB500),Control System(SUNAC4000EX),Diaphragm pump
Paint Used Solvent paint

This company is specialized in manufacturing and coating of metal products for industrial machineries. This time, they updated the Electrostatic automatic guns (8 pcs) and the control panel of existing Automatic electrostatic coating system. They were able to improve the transfer efficiency and reduce the paint consumption thanks to the multi photo sensor. Also surface appearance was stabilized and operation efficiency was improved by the simplification of operation.

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