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Asahi Group Environmental Policy -ISO 14001-

Environmental Philosophy

As a company that seeks to create new technology, we are striving to preserve and protect the environment of our customers by engaging in environmentally friendly manufacturing technology. In addition, we are striving to be a zero emissions company by raising environmental awareness in all employees and by being engaged in sustainable corporate activities that allow people to co-exist in harmony with the environment.

Energy Saving Activities

Approximately 95% of all of our company energy consumption is from electrical power. In order to use our electricity more efficiently, we introduced a power surveillance system in March 2008. This system allows employees to access and view the power consumption of their own and every other division every day, 24 hours a day, and view related graphs, etc., on their computers in real time. Using this data as a resource, each factory and office is able to implement energy saving measures and improve or reduce their consumption. Using these measures, we have been able to significantly reduce levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and are able to continuously adjust our plans to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental measures: Energy saving activities

Power Surveillance System: 24-hour monitoring covering 72 locations

Power Surveillance System introduced in March 2008, monitoring 72 locations

Complete management of consumption rate

Each division has an energy control manager who checks the consumption rate (amount of electrical power used / operating hour), monitors areas where energy is wasted, checks for abnormal usage, and implements energy saving measures.

Reducing power consumed by air conditioning

  • ・Temperature setting for air conditioning units are enforced and power during standby mode has been reduced
  • ・Heat shield paint has been applied to the rooftops of factories and office buildings, reducing air conditioning power consumption
  • ・Older air conditioning models have been replaced and updated with new energy saving units, reducing power consumption.

Reducing power consumed by lighting equipment

  • ・Measures have been taken to save on energy where possible, with lights turned off during breaks and manual switches used for all lighting equipment, helping to reduce unwanted or unused lighting
  • ・Mercury lamps in factories have been replaced with high-intensity lighting equipment, and fluorescent lamps have been replaced with LED devices, helping to reduce power consumption

Reducing power consumed by machine tools while in standby mode

  • ・Each machine tool has been assigned a control manager who is in charge of turning off the main power during scheduled times, reducing power consumed by hydraulic pump units and coolant pumps in standby mode

Reducing power consumed by compressors

  • ・Energy saving compressor units have been introduced to help reduce power consumption
  • ・Compressors are only run during scheduled production to help reduce unwanted usage and power
  • ・Air leak sensors are used to check air leaks and help eliminate wasted air usage

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