Plunger-type High-pressure Single-color Two-component Coating Device ACW-P Series


Asahi Sunac Corporation has released the Plunger-type High-pressure Single-color Two-component Coating Device: "ACW-P Series".
This high-precision, two-component device was developed independently from the plunger pump for alternate input control.
Its newly-developed supply system, calculating the amount of base resin or paint hardening agent input via cylinder movement, features a mixing error factor within +/-5%. This is achieved due to new control technologies in the latest two-component coating devices.
In addition, high ratios which could not be set in former plunger-type two-component coating devices are now possible, which means urethane paint, etc. can now be used for high performance.

■High-grade mix precision
A new system which can directly read the amount of cylinder movement means that base resin and paint hardening agent can now be supplied accurately as needed, boasting an error factor of +/-5% or less.
■Reducing costs
Compared to pre-mix systems, cleaning thinner and paint waste is cut significantly, reducing overall cost.
■Remarkable control
Computer control makes mix ratio and discharge rate easy to set.
■Easy color changing
Since a single tank is used for the base resin/paint hardening agent pump, color changing can be done easily at a shorter time than with previous plunger-type two-component coating devices.
■Faster cleaning time
Since only the liquid mixing path has to be cleaned, cleaning time is reduced significantly when compared to pre-mix systems.
■ Easy maintenance
Simple construction for easy maintenance.
■ Full warning function
A highly visible monitor is used to keep track of the remaining material life span, and a buzzer sounds when needed.

Implementation Effects
* Pre-mix: SP1636 (paint hose) / Alternate input: ACW-P (mixing hose) both use 20m
* Paint: Use urethane paint
* Once per cleaning
Reduction of cleaning waste Reduction of cleaning thinner Reduction of cleaning time

Type ACW-P1844 ACW-P1844R ACW-P1854 ACW-P1854R
Mix ratio 1:1 to 10:1 *(1)
Mix precision +/-5% or less *(2)
Compatible liquids One type of base resin, one type of hardening agent
Compatible viscosity 80 to 5000mPa∙s *(3)
Max. discharge correspondence 150 to 4000mL/min *(4) 150 to 6000mL/min *(4)
Pressure ratio 1:30 1:20
Remarks Noncyclic specs Cyclic specs Noncyclic specs Cyclic specs

Name ACW-P Mixing Unit
Supplied air pressure 0.2 to 0.5MPa
Max. air consumption 500mL/min(ANR)
Paint path max. pressure resistance 20MPa
Wetted material Tungsten carbide, stainless steel, Teflon, polyester
Suitable paint Solvent two-component urethane and epoxy paints for top coating *(5)
Mass 274kg
Dimensions 1643H×1022W×933Dmm
Explosion-proof compatible Non-explosion proof

Name ACW-P Control Unit (ACW Controller)
Type ACW-P-CUT (mix cycle specs: ACW-PRT-CUT)
Operations environment Temperature 0 to +40°C / Humidity 10 to 80% (without condensation)
Operations atmosphere Avoid exposure to corrosive gases, grit and dust, steam, dripping water, or direct sunlight
Transport storage Temperature 10 to +50°C / Humidity 10 to 90% (without condensation)
Power supply voltage AC100V±10% 50 to 60Hz
Power consumption 0.3A
Mass 14kg
Dimensions 330H×480W×190Dmm
Explosion-proof compatible Non-explosion proof
*(1)...Mix precision differs according to paint viscosity, discharge rate, and other use conditions.
*(2)...At 80mPa・s viscosity (12sec/FC#4) or less, the specified mix precision cannot be maintained.
*(3)...When viscosity is 3000mPa.s or higher, paint can be made compatible by heating it with a heater.
*(4)…Paint with a viscosity of 80mPa・s (12sec/FC#4) or less may not fit within this range.
    The discharge rate during packing will not exceed the upper limit.
*(5)...Using a cleaning solution of ample solubility.Water-based paint cannot be used.Paints including
abrasive particles or rough particle substances cannot be used in some cases.

Standard structure components
Type ACW-P1844 ACW-P1844R ACW-P1854 ACW-P1854R
Mixing Unit Air Motor AM1812E
Material Cylinder MC4412 MC5412
Sensor ASSY
Solenoid Valve ASSY
Cover Set
Mixing valve
Paint Regulator for Hardening Agent
Static mixer
Control unit ACW controller
Solenoid valve
Power Switch
Coating ON/OFF Switch
* Units needed other than standard structure components
Type ACW-P1844 ACW-P1844R ACW-P1854 ACW-P1854R
Cleaning pump
Regulator for washing pump
Paint hose
Air hose for primary air supply
Spray gun

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