Top: PMGIVS-4 (4ft stainless steel pole)
Bottom: PMGIV-3 (3ft hybrid pole)

Asahi Sunac Corporation has released a new airless pole gun.
This gun is ideal for coating high or distant places during shipbuilding, heavy-duty, or bridge building.
There are two types to choose from, the hybrid for its light-weight design, or the stainless for its strength,
allowing you to meet your specific coating needs.

There are two pole types available, the light-weight hybrid type, and the stainless type for strength.
An ideal trigger design provides remarkable control and reduces fatigue.
There are 2 pole types and 7 lengths for a total of 14 available types to meet your specific needs.
The compact, durable, and light-weight swivel part provides excellent balance, contributing to better work efficiency.
It is set to the ideal level of gravity to prevent inadvertent trigger use, also providing a high-standard of safety.
The hand guard can be removed even while it is attached to the pole, making maintenance easy.
Gun part Swivel part
Structure Tip needle valve system
Liquid pressure 0 to 25MPa
Length 1ft(0.3m) 1.4ft(0.4m) 2ft(0.6m) 3ft(0.9m) 4ft(1.2m) 5ft(1.5m) 6ft(1.8m)
Effective length 0.23m 0.43m 0.68m 1.01m 1.34m 1.67m 1.99m
Mass 730g 770g 830g 930g 1,030g 1,130g 1,230g
Mass (SUS) 1,180g 1,260g 1,380g 1,580g 1,780g 2,000g 2,180g
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