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Single-color CNC Two-component  Coating Machine: ACW1200

Computer control enables easy operation and high-grade mix precision.




Control unit


Mixing Unit


Front control board


  • Automobiles
  • Automobile parts
  • Construction Machinery
  • Electric appliances
  • Resin parts


High-grade mix precision
Unique patented technology provides uniform mixing, with an error factor of +/-5% or less during discharge flow change.
Easy to clean
Cleaning can be done in a short time, greatly reducing excess cleaning solvent, paint waste, and VOC.
Industry management functionality
The amount of base resin and paint hardening agent used are recorded separately, and processing can be performed via PC, enabling you to keep tabs on industry performance data.(When using optional products)
Easy controls
Each type of work can be performed by switch or button, and a help function displays warnings and error content on screen.
Easy maintenance
Valves can be easily attached/detached, making maintenance simple.
Space-saving design
Compact design allows you to easily position the equipment in small booths, and by simply connecting solid two-component paint, pump, gun, and hose, then setting the mix ratio, you're ready to roll.


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Mix ratio

1:1 to 30:1 *1

Mix precision +/-5% or less *2
Compatible liquids One type of base resin, one type of hardening agent

Compatible viscosity (before mix)

25 to 300mPa∙s *2

25 to 3,000mPa∙s *2

Max. discharge correspondence

100 to 1,000mL/min *3

200 to 2,000mL/min *3

Supplied air pressure

0.4 to 0.7MPa and over

Remarks For low pressure For high pressure


     ■ Control Unit



Operations environment

Temperature 0 to +40℃ / Humidity 10 to 80% (without condensation)

Operations atmosphere Avoid exposure to corrosive gases, grit and dust, steam, dripping water, or direct sunlight
Transport storage Temperature 10 to +50℃ / Humidity 10 to 90% (without condensation)

Power supply voltage

AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption 3A
Dimensions 400W×400H×250D mm *4
Mass 30kg
Explosion-proof compatible Non-explosion proof


     ■Mixing Unit




Paint path max. pressure resistance

1.5MPa *5

Supplied paint pressure For low-pressure specs, more than 3 times the pressure needed for discharge is necessary. *5
Wetted material Tungsten carbide, stainless steel, Teflon, polyester
Suitable paint

Solvent two-component urethane and epoxy paints for top coating *6


350W × 375H × 300D mm

Mass 25kg
Explosion-proof compatible Essential safety explosion-proof specs (flow meter, solenoid valve, handy control panel) *7
Remarks For low pressure For high pressure

*1...Mix precision differs according to paint viscosity, discharge rate, and other use conditions.

*2…For paint of 100mPa・s (30sec/FC#4) or more, pump pressure must be at least 0.6MPa (for low pressure).

At 30mPa・s (12sec/FC#4) or less, the specified mix precision cannot be maintained.

*3…Paint with a viscosity of 30mPa・s (12sec/FC#4) or less may not fit within this range.

    The discharge rate during packing will not exceed the upper limit.

*4...Control board size.This size does not include air devices, etc.

*5...For low pressure, about 0.15MPa of mixing device pressure is lost.

    To reach a steady discharge rate, 3 times the pressure needed for discharge is supplied.

    Moreover, such pressure is at the path maximum pressure resistance or less.

*6...Using a cleaning solution of ample solubility.Water-based paint cannot be used.

    Special metallic paint or paint containing rough particle substances cannot be used in some cases.

*7...Some configuration devices and electrical devices are not explosion proof.

Standard structure

  ACW1200L ACW1200H
Mixing Unit
Mixing valve
Flow meter
Cleaning valve assembly
Drain valve
Essential safety explosion-proof solenoid valve (for mixing valve)
Control unit
ACW controller
Lamp (red)
Power Switch
Non-explosion proof solenoid valve (for cleaning valve assembly, drain valve)

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PDFSingle-color CNC Two-component Coating Machine: ACW1200

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