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Automatic Electrostatic Air Spray Gun: Sungun II EAB200 Series


Sun Gun II



Helps you spend less
A maximum applied voltage of DC-90kV means a high rate of paint transfer, which reduces paint costs and decreases work time, contributing greatly to overall cost reduction.
Eco-friendly design
Mist scatter is reduced due to electrostatic effects, making it possible to improve the coating site environment and consider surroundings.
High-grade finish
Excellent atomization makes it ideal for high-grade cosmetic coating with metallic or pearl paints.
High level of safety
This coating gun contains a high-voltage generator (cascade), enabling safe automatic electrostatic coating.
Easy maintenance
The valve unit can be easily removed, meaning replacement can be done in a short time.Also, since the single valve unit can make sheets, maintenance is made simple.


Product name

Sun Gun II



Max. fluid pressure 0.7MPa
Max. air pressure 0.7MPa
Highest applied voltage DC-90kV
Dimensions (ø×L)

ø86 × 285mm

Mass 1,900g
Nozzle set

Select from 60, 70, 71, 80, 40. (sold separately)

* Set includes nozzle and air cap.

Fluid outlet diameter Our company exclusive paint hose (sold separately)
Air hatch ∅8 to ∅6mm, ∅6 to ∅4mm
Electrostatic Controller BPS290 (sold separately)
For solvent paint
For reciprocator / fixed
Embedded trigger valve specs
For solvent paint
For reciprocator / fixed
Embedded trigger valve specs
Included accessories Connection cable (10m)

Note) Make sure to purchase nozzle set, paint hatch hose, and electrostatic controller separately.

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