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High-speed Rotary Atomizing Electrostatic Automatic Coating Gun: Sun Bell Eco II ESA200VP-S/-M-210-S/-M


Sun Bell Eco II



High-grade finish
The air cap provides a steady particle-distributed spray pattern, which results in high-grade film coating and prevents discoloration, even with metallic paint.
High transfer rate
Centrifugal force generated by the bell cup produces a high rate of atomization, and low-turbulence air, for a high rate of paint transfer even when using metallic paint or other such fancy paints.
Less paint needed
An air cap which enables switching between wide and short patterns lets you select the ideal pattern for your coating target.
High level of safety
A newly-developed electrostatic controller closely monitors voltage and current.In addition, a miniature, high-voltage generator is embedded in the coating gun providing a high level of safety.
Easy to clean
An inside/outside cup cleaning mechanism uses a very small amount of paint thinner to clean the equipment in a short time, preventing defects and waste, while improving first run


Product name
Sun Bell Eco II


Max. fluid pressure 1.0MPa
Max. air pressure 0.7MPa
Highest applied voltage DC-80kV
Dimensions (ø×L) ø102 × 432mm
Mass 5,450g
Air Cap Set

Select from BAC70VP or BAC40VP (sold separately)

Bearing air consumption 100L/min(ANR) at0.5MPa
For BAC70VP No. of rotations: 40,000rpm or less
For BAC40VP No. of rotations: 60,000rpm or less
Max. air consumption 500L/min(ANR)
Max. shaping air consumption (Refer to air cap set specifications)
Electrostatic Controller BPS300 (sold separately)
Rotation controller TTC200 (sold separately)

For solvent solid

clear paint

For solvent metallic paint

For attachment to large robots
(60° neck-bend body type)
Double shape specs
Embedded trigger / dump valve specs

Note) Make sure to purchase air cap set, electrostatic controller, and rotation controller separately.

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