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Delivery Examples

Factory Reports

Delivery examples of our products are provided as "Factory Reports" in our monthly "Coating Technology" periodicals (published by RIKO Publishing Corporation).

Most recent factory report

Factory Report No. 398
No. 398

March 2020

"Robot Powder Coating for LP Gas can" new
Nagaoka Industry Co., Ltd. Hayahoshi Factory
Coated Object
All kinds of Gas cylinder
Equipment Dual Electric field Powder Automatic Gun(ECXa),Dual Electric field Powder Hand Gun(ECXm),Powder Hand Gun Unit(AXR100DF)
Paint Used Powder paint

This company is specialized in legal inspection and recoating of all kinds of high pressure gas cylinders. This time, they replaced with the new powder coating system which can coat all kinds of cylinders on the same line to solve the problem of aging of the system and increased costs by blowing loss. As a result, they improved transfer efficiency, reduced cost by recovering powder and improved production speed.

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