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Development of human resources with future potential

We offer coating technology and forging technology related training courses, targeting young engineers from parts manufacturing companies. The participants have the opportunity to exchange information to make study each other.

Coating Equipment & Engineering Division

We offer robot, machine and system operation support and maintenance, and even design training programs

Welcoming academic experts and researchers representing industries as lecturers, we provide technologies and up-to-date information on the entire field of paint and coating. Seminars are regularly held. We consider the seminars as places where we can positively impact the industry.

Technical training class for coating machine,

User Technical School (UTS) Ec'Coater seminar

Forging Machinery & Tooling Division

Using our FTC (Forging Technology Center) as a base, we are able to offer a wide range of technical information services.

Through "FTS (Forging Technology School)" and the demonstrative exhibition "Net Shape Seminar" where participants can acquire forging techniques and learn about the latest information, our goal is to transfer new technologies and new products and to develop working environments where industry information is available.

Net Shape seminar


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