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Striving to Enhance Precision Cleaning and Coating in Every Industry

In our New Components Division, we give shape to our customers’ dreams using precision cleaning and coating technology. Based on a half-century of atomization technology development, our precision cleaning technology atomizes a cleaning fluid “collision energy” is used in cleaning applications. Our precision coating technology is able to produce the proper coating by controlling the particle size and velocity of the atomized droplets separately.

Process Improvement Flow

NC Technology Center

As a research and test center for precision cleaning and precision coating, we have set up an “NC Technology Center” equipped with a cleanroom for testing. The center is available for testing and process technology developments under various conditions in order to match the customer’s particular production line environment.

Clean experiment room


Spray coating test system


We are able to seek for the most appropriate cleaning conditions through testing, to offer it to you. Our trained staff conduct tests on actual work pieces, whenever required.

Precision Cleaning System & Spray Coating System

Precision Cleaning System


Spray Coating System


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